Extra features for Dibs
The regular functionality is free - but for $9 a month you can activate the extra features:

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Extra #5: Support for Repeating Rosters

A brand new extra feature: Repeating conches. Good for roster duty, or taking turns with after hours support, or any other turn taking event that repeats day after day.

Once a person discards a conch, they automatically get placed onto the end of that conch's queue again. Just update the relevant conch to make it "repeat", eg:

/dibs set my-support-roster repeat

You can even mix it with the automatic /dibs off functionality, to create an automatically rotating roster:

/dibs on support-roster for 1 day
Extra #1: Automatic release

Automatically release the conch after an amount of time that you specify.

Use the keyword "for" to indicate the time period.

/dibs on server1 for 45 minutes

note: time unit can be: m, h, d, min, hour, day and more
Extra #2: Add a description

Add an extra description to each item that you seize.

Use the keyword "because" to indicate the reason.

/dibs on server1 because I need to test bugfix #4758
Extra #3: API access

Manipulate conches inside your instance of Slack from the API. Eg:
 -H 'Content-type:application/json'
 -d '{
       "conch": "SLACK_TEAM/CONCH",
       "slack_team_id": "TEAM_ID",
       "name": "SLACK_USERNAME",
       "email": "YOUR_EMAIL"
Extra #4: Approved names

Ability to define a fixed list of approved conch names.

No more spelling errors, eg: "/dibs on staging" works, but "/dibs on stageing" won't.

/dibs approve staging

Access the extra features

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